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Why Bombas is Expanding Into Bralettes

Bombas is embarking on its first major product expansion since 2021 as it looks to widen its reach in the apparel market.

On Thursday, the company will debut its first-ever collection of ribbed seamless bralettes. The bralettes come in six colors and in sizes XS-2X. They will be available for purchase on in single packs, packs of two or in a set with matching underwear, and will retail individually for $38.

Although Bombas launched as a buy-one-give-one sock company in 2013, it’s steadily expanded its product offerings since then. In 2019, the company jumped into T-shirts, and in 2021, it began making underwear and slippers. While the majority of the company’s sales still come from socks, its other categories are slowly gaining market share. Today, 93% of revenue comes from socks and slippers, while 7% of revenue comes from underwear and T-shirts. “The first things that you put on in the morning and take off at night, they’re generally the items that have the biggest impact on your comfort on a day-to-day basis,” co-founder Randy Goldberg told Modern Retail. “Your basic things should be your best things. That’s something we believe in deeply.”


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